NextGen Security Level

Multisig Escrow

You are in full control of your funds before, during and after the order. Refund is instant in just 1-click to a built-in T-Wallet account

Drop Network

Physical delivery can be made through spread drop network. It allows to clean all backtraces from you to vendor. Packages are declared as "gift to a friend" which are not checked at the borders.

AES256bit Encryption

All you private data including support tickets and messages to vendors are fully encrypted and stored on a separate server

Secure Payment

All purchases go via our special T-Wallet - top up it with any crypto or Perfect Money and shop with now limits. Refund and affiliate commissions are paid directly to a T-Wallet. Cash out at any time. You can with crypto directly as well

Built-in Coin Mixer

All your funds are mixed which makes impossible to trace your payment. It is free and automated

2-FA Authentication

Strenghten your account security with Google Authenticator or any other OTP app. No one can access your account but you. The first DW marketplace to offer this, by the way


– Latin for "darkness". We see our marketplace as the darkest place in TOR with the strongest user security. It is as dark as no feds can see what happens inside. It is a place for people who want to fight the system. "Darkness" also means something superior, something top, maximum that can not be beaten: we are the first market to integrate Telegram, drop network and 2-FA authentication as well as multilingual support and the highest vendor testing standards and we keep moving even further.

New Level Customer Care

Multilingual Support

No matter which language you speak, you will feel home at Tenebra

Trusted Vendors

All vendors are carefully selected and passed all security tests. You can be sure that you will be served at a top-level

30 Days For Refund

You are in full control of your funds even after your order is completed. No questions asked. Refund is instant to our built-in T-Wallet

Gift Card Instant Delivery

Passionate about the gift cards? Forget about long email delivery, now the GC code is available on the order page instantly after payment. Shop non-stop

Community Chat

Talk freely to any Tenebra community member or support team at Elon's Speakeasy

Big Team

Our crew is big enough to provide you outstanding support, secure delivery and pleasure shopping. Also, we are hiring new team members

Telegram Integrated

Connect your Telegram account and get instant notifications. Subscribe to our official Telegram channel to know the last news and always be in touch - @Tenebra_Marketplace

That's Not All...

You may earn up to

Monthly income 5000$

Affiliate Program

If you are a media owner or a reputal forum user join our affiliate program and get up to a 10% commission on each purchase. More people invited = more money earned

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